Saturday, June 15, 2013

That's Life

Emboldened by a sense of life very much his own, they said that he set out to be nothing, nothing at all (a strenuous task if you will). He lived beyond days, weeks and months, and years were not of his concern. Some folks, always ready for those sightings, began to see him in a different light; maybe he was truly not of this world. But others, the jugglers and  jesters in town, said things with a smile and even asked for something of his body, just for the living room they said, or perhaps bedroom. All that and more, the daily fun and games never missing.

Then one day he got up feeling he had arrived, or so he said, because he spoke on the sidelines of tenses. The truth is that he moved like no one on the streets, and people noticed. Free at last. He was now nothing, nothing at all of this world.

When careless, in his euphoria (or who knows), stepping off the sidewalk, he got on the wrong trip with a delivery truck, dragged for what seemed an eternity. A horrid death.

That’s life, now people say. The worst they could say in his memory. But, then,
 by saying so they are confirming the validity of his escape –or quest.   



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